Klick Data Unveils K3 Version 7.8: Empowering AI-Driven Learning and Transformation

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Klick Data Unveils K3 Version 7.8: Empowering AI-Driven Learning and Transformation
Klick Data Unveils K3 Version 7.8: Empowering AI-Driven Learning and Transformation

Klick Data launches K3 v7.8, an update of its AI management system with advanced tools for learning. It integrates ChatGPT, and allows YouTube video conversion into courses with just a simple Paste Link command making the service video2quiz an integrated part of the system.

Klick Data, a company helping managers thrive in their businesses in the era of AI with the right AI strategy, AI tools, & AI management system, has launched version 7.8 of its AI management system K3. The K3 platform, formerly known as KlickData or KLMS, has been integrated with AI Tools to enhance the learning experience for individuals, teams, and enterprises. 

- Any organisation today faces considerable challenges in the AI transformation period we are now facing. Klick Data has pivoted its core business just as any other business needs to do to take the lead in the online education industry and put AI in focus in every detail. Our AI management platform solves a massive problem for any organisation that does not want to be left behind in the accelerating development that now takes place in all industries, with ChatGPT and all AI tools as driving forces. 

  • The K3 AI Academy platform has a Business Class version of ChatGPT built-in, with the AI replies arriving in an editable mode for instant moderation without copy-pasting. The generated replies are instantly saved as Materials that can be indexed with tags to find them more manageable than scrolling through a long chats list. This function saves any organisation considerable time and boosts productivity when ChatGPT becomes part of the daily workflow. 
  • In K3, teams can collaborate with prompts and generate content with AI at a speed like never before. 
  • In 7.8, any YouTube video for educational purposes can be saved as Material, and instant without any time-consuming efforts, a test is produced based on a desired difficulty level, and the number of multiple-choice questions is created as part of a Course. So to summarise: Any video uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo can be turned into a Course within seconds and sent to organisation members needing upskilling and reskilling in the AI era. 
  • Over 1000 AI-related courses, Materials, and Tests are already accessible in the K3, making it a perfect choice for learning prompt engineering, ChatGPT, MidJourney, or any AI tool or simply keeping up with the AI development.  

The public company Klick Data AB, with the AI brand K3, recently launched the automated groundbreaking quiz-generating system Video2Quiz (VTQ) as a free service at http://video2quiz.com with no need for joining the K3 platform. Users will get a quiz as PDF sent to the mail with a summary. Or join the K3 platform for more functionality, like editing and testing knowledge. 

  • We are very proud to be at the forefront of the AI wave. We will continue to improve the K3 platform with extensive AI functionality, making it the Tesla for online education. 2023 is year 1 for every company. We have BC, AD, and AI as timestamps for the era of AI. Companies not active in their transformation will end up at the graveyard among companies like Blockbuster, Nokia, and Kodak that did not adapt to the new reality of technological change. For companies adopting AI as being in the center: The profitability of strategically implementing AI will explode. So it is digital, one or zero between success and failure. 
  • With our award-winning K3 platform for AI management, companies, organizations, enterprises, governmental bodies, municipalities, SMEs, nonprofit foundations, and entrepreneurs will accelerate their productivity. AI will not kill jobs; AI will amplify all employees' power. And this will get the ROI faster than ever. 

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